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Our Story

StoryMaker Entertainment is based on the belief that if you present a kick-ass story to a hand-picked group of mega-experienced people who love what they do, their pooled brilliance will lead to the creation of something far more compelling than anyone could have dreamed of...even after three tequilas!

HERE are Some of our Collaborators...

StoryMaker President, screenwriter Pamela Jones

Pamela Jones





Lily Hui

Exec Producer

Anna-Lisa Jones

Story Editor



Bill Lawrie

Audio Producer

Sound Designer



"Because of Pam's background in audio, she's amazing at getting the right "voice" for each character so that her dialogue is varied and her characters are multi-layered. She's versatile in that she can write for 20 year-olds and 70 years-olds in a variety of styles for film, TV and the web. Pam's a great collaborator and doesn't have an ego around her writing. She knows that being a screenwriter means that you are in a constant state of rewriting, depending on what's best for the project. Pam's fast at making changes and she's fun to work with."

Lily Hui, Producer "Nancy Drew"

Co-Executive Producer ,"UnReal", Producer, "Mistresses", "Kyle XY"

"Pam never fails to impress us with her writing. Our viewers are constantly quoting from her scripts."

Diane Smith, Knowledge Network

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