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Anna-Lisa Jones

Story Editor

Our favourite freelance story editor...we are allowed to have favourites, right?

Anna-Lisa has been a freelance writer, marketer and consultant for the past 25 years.  She loves to write in coffee shops, but gets her best ideas in her own kitchen, creating mouth watering baking concoctions - a little of this and a little of that, but always in just the right combination. She is one of those rare creatives who can find the sweet spot, the "heart" in a story - while also being extremely analytical in terms of structure.


A graduate of UBC and an honours grad of BCIT, Anna-Lisa has written for a wide range of international companies and has served as a story editor for StoryMaker Entertainment/T'seneglobe's award-winning script Restoration, for StoryMaker's award-winning short "Scarlet" and the motorcycle feature "Indian Summer".  She continues to serve as Story Editor/Researcher for StoryMaker's epic, indigenous-focused  Sci-Fi series "Kanata", currently in development.   Anna-Lisa created and co-wrote "The Lucy Gray Agency," a 1/2 hour comedy with her sister, Pamela Jones. The two have the ability to finish each other's sentences (and usually read each other's minds), so they made the perfect duo to bring Lucy and her quirky friends to life.


In her spare time Anna-Lisa 'paints' what she calls "photosculptures".  She takes photographs and morphs the images with filters to create visual stories of transformation. 

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