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Winner "TOP 25"

Kanata is an innovative sci-fi series co-created by Gordon Loverin and Pamela Jones


KANATA turns the story of 1492 upside-down when a group of progressive, futuristic First Nations explorers land on the shores of France attempting to fulfill an ancient prophecy that they must meet "the cloud people" in order to save their dying population from extinction.

The past and future collide in an epic series led by a strong female warrior. What if Columbus never landed? What if the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island developed cutting edge technology based on traditions rooted in deep respect for mother earth?

As Europeans track these strangers from another land, will the explorers be able to harvest DNA that will save their world? In a surprising twist, the world may soon have to come together for the benefit of all.

Kanata is an epic story that bridges cultures and asks, "What if?"

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As told to the Hollywood Reporter and various media outlets, Kanata began when Gordon Loverin teamed up with Pamela Jones and together they developed the large cast of unique characters for Kanata and co-created a fascinating and detailed world that hasn't been seen on screen before. With story consulting support for the project from Anna-Lisa Jones, Pamela is proud to have co-developed the initial pilot script - years in the making, co-writing on the project and co-creating the ideas and arcs for several seasons. She retains co-creator credit. The project is currently owned by Wolf Spirit Films.

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"TOP 25" Semi-Finalist Comedy Pilot out of 6,000 entries!

"The Jones Girls", sisters and writers Pamela and Anna-Lisa (who created the series) won a coveted entry to The Banff World Media Festival to pitch the show!

The LUCY GRAY Agency is a ½ hour dramatic comedy, poised to strut into the TV landscape in a of pair of sleek designer shoes.


When a couture seamstress of a prominent Atelier is fired by her husband-stealing rival, she retaliates by opening a competing fashion house, with a roster of quirky designers and models, out to prove they can rock the runway (and life) at any age and size

LUCY GRAY is a class act in pearls with a wry sense of humour, a “maker”, a top seamstress who still stitches by hand, loves her vintage Airstream trailer and secretly nips 60-proof absinthe daily, by tablespoon, “to enhance her creativity”. Determined to prove you can start again at any stage, she opens her own agency, surrounded by a lively all-ages tribe - her Broadway-obsessed assistant, a millennial fashion activist, a design reality show winner who sews strange secrets into his garments, joined by a collection of eccentrics, vying for Lucy's modeling roster.


"The Lucy Gray Agency" is about learning to own who you are at every stage of life and being bold enough to “wear your story”.


Quarter Finalist!



Pilot Launch TV Script Contest

Out of over 2,000 international entries!



Made the "Red List" as one of the TOP half-hour TV Comedy Scripts of the year!

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"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."

                                     Coco Channel

What are Lucy and the gang are wearing?  Check out their favourite things on our Pinterest Boards.

Judges Feedback for THE LUCY GRAY AGENCY from the PAGE AWARDS:

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"This is a sharp, character-driven comedy that appeals to both network and cable (though it seems more geared towards network), and you're going for a classic sit-com about the workplace, which also confronts conventional attitudes about women and beauty/fashion."

"The characterizations are strong and you have created sharp, compelling and funny characters that draw us in immediately - especially your protagonist.  From the opening scene with her voiceover and her daring tactics with customers, we can see just how driven and perceptive she is, and you make her standout from the get-go."

"The revelation that she is being forced into retirement, along with the final act in which she begins a new chapter of her life with modeling and the new company are strong and open the pilot to the wider world of the series ahead."

"The plotting is strong, and you have some great, unexpected plot twists that keep the audience guessing."

"It's hard to create characters as original as yours are, and you also do a great job with the secondary characters as well."

"Really wonderful work!"

Wow!  Thank-you, Page International Screenwriting judges!

The Lucy Gray Agency is available for option.

Amped is a new TV series hybrid for millennials combining scripted and reality


Someone ordered a hit...

College freshman Eric Zachary Abrams, "eZ", becomes a temporary father to his younger siblings after his musician parents disappear on tour.  Sworn to secrecy by their manager to keep prying record execs at bay, eZ must find a way to save their sprawling Solana Beach estate.  With the help of friend Hailey, a.k.a. SkilZ, a local club DJ, he scouts bands to track in his parent's home studio, looking for the next big hit.  Amidst college parties, music video shoots and PTA meetings, concerned teachers and social workers are circling and time is running out. "The O.C." meets "The Voice" in this millennial-focused one-hour series hybrid of reality TV and scripted drama.

Viewers will participate in the show's storylines by voting for their favourite (prescreened) music, poetry and dance acts via You Tube.  The acts with the most votes will appear on the show.

Written by Pamela Jones and story edited by S. Lily Hui

Amped is available for option.

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