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Pamela Jones



Pam looks for inspiration for stories everywhere she goes. She's an keen observer and an eavesdropper, collecting snippets of conversations and subtle life moments as fodder for scripts.  She's the owner, and technically the President of StoryMaker Entertainment, but she's not that corporate, so calling her the "chief collaborator" suits her much better. She writes for work and then when she's off, she writes for fun, channeling the conversations of hundreds of characters in her head, all wanting to share their thoughts and their lives on screen. 

Pam's always loved writing and performing, getting her start in Grade 3 in the way, way off Broadway hit, "The Dancing Doll Decides" at her elementary school in Richmond, BC.  That led to the decision years later to earn a BA in Theatre from the University of British Columbia and an Honours Degree in Broadcasting from BCIT.  She went on to work at several major market radio stations as a writer and talk show producer before founding Soundswrite, an audio production company where she's written, produced and voiced for clients such as CTV, Global Television, TransLink, Virgin Radio and Microsoft.  She's also written publicity press kits for more than 30 major film and television projects for publicists in both Canada and the U.S., and written features, television scripts, numerous short films, web scripts and literally thousands of on-air host scripts and promos for Knowledge Network Public Television. She has served on the Board of Directors of Women in Film and is currently on the Broadcast Advisory Board of BCIT. 

Pam loves her family, gardening, writing in the woods at her trailer and her small, furry Schnauzer named Gracie.  One of her proudest moments was learning to ride a 650 V-Star motorcycle and cruising up to surprise her daughters at their elementary school at recess, decked out in a leather jacket and chaps. They thought she was cool for a whole fifteen minutes.







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