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Bill Lawrie

Sound Design


At StoryMaker, we believe that sound is so much more than something you "fix in post". We LOVE playing with sound and believe that getting our sound designer in the mix early adds richness and dimension to the way we think about sharing our stories.  Bill has been a sought-after sound engineer and producer for the past 15 years.  As co-owner of Soundswrite, he has crafted audio productions for film, TV and radio clients that include MicroSoft, Global TV and hundreds more around the globe.  He listens, not only to all the sounds around him, but also to his collaborative team and, as a photographer and videographer, is also extremely visual.

When Bill isn't in his padded room, mixing, he's getting bugs in his teeth, smiling from ear to ear on his motorcycle.  Or then again, as an adventurous yacht engineer who piloted luxury crafts up the Panama Canal in days gone by, he could be out on the ocean. He has salt water in his veins.  He also builds pretty cool steam-punk lamps!

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